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Classic case

business case
company was founded in 2009, is a company specializing in medical device research and development of high-tech companies. From 2009 to 2013, a company in the research and development stage, no sales revenues, as well as high-tech asset-light business, no factories, land and other assets, unable to get financing from the banks. Division I in 2011 after the establishment of the cooperation through business innovation, set option investment agreement, signed pledge, patent pledge the total loans to the 18, and the payment of 24 million Yuan, has strong support from the company's research and development.
at present, the company successfully developed two versions of high-tech products, medical devices, and for which you have complete independent intellectual property rights, and access to "license" and "class III medical device registration certificate", included in the national "863" plan. Successful development of these two products, not only breaking the foreign monopoly on the domestic market, so the industry has entered a new stage of development.
in the research and development process, the company a total of 68 patents, medical device registration certificate, 37:19 patents of invention and class III medical device registration form 23. There are also 13 class III medical device registration form is in the process. A number of registration certificate of medical devices company in Suzhou industry top; and where the company is sold on the market has also been stable sales channels, from 2014 to achieve sales revenue of 20 million Yuan.

business case for
b company was incorporated in 2005 in Suzhou, LCD is mainly engaged in production and sales of testing equipment and related software development. B company by virtue of its unique detection technologies, 2012 United States large orders of Apple's 160 million Yuan, it is rare for company b, rapid development opportunities. But as order size is too large, has exceeded its funding capacity, must solve it by financing problems. B belongs to the asset-light technology companies, only patented technology and research and development teams, plant and office space for lease, coupled with no bank borrowings in the past credit history, it is difficult to finance from the banks.
we learned that for the first time made contact with company b. Through the investigation, company b, I think technology is very mature, less risks of research and development; in industry chain has a good stable suppliers and partners; on the core team has a complete and effective incentives and higher gross profit margins of the order, strong profitability downstream customers as the world's top 500 enterprises, payment with good credit and collection risk is low. Based on the above factors, our management decided to try, only controlled by actual family name in a small number of mortgage cases magnified exposure, company b, 20 million of the credit line, of which: issued directly to the working capital loan of 10 million Yuan, 10 million Yuan to the Bank for its financing guaranteed. Company b Division and helped push banks Fund have made rapid development, when sales of 120 million Yuan.
2013 in b company returned the loan principal and interest on the basis of the above, our company once again to the credit of 20 million Yuan, company b was again made Apple's purchase order. In 2013, the company b to achieve sales of 200 million Yuan, and turned over to the State revenue exceeded 10 million Yuan, and achieved good economic and social benefits.


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