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April the Central Bank bore foreign exchange decline narrowed

Central Bank Announces April Central Bank yesterday caliber foreign exchange data that month totaled 26.77 trillion yuan, 45.942 billion yuan less than in March. This year the Central Bank foreign exchange 3rd consecutive month of negative growth, but the scale of decline narrowed sharply.
in fact, the industry previously had forecast in April the Central Bank bore foreign exchange decline narrowed. According to the foreign exchange Bureau's April Bank Exchange settlement and sales and valet their payments data shows that China's gradual improvement of the situation of cross-border capital flows. Exchange settlement and sales in the month a deficit reduction of 300 billion yuan from the previous month, while the April financial institutions foreign exchange from negative to positive growth of 32.4 billion yuan, indicating that supply and demand of foreign exchange market improving.
analysis of China Merchants securities research report said cross-border capital flows improved mainly for two reasons: one is the index quickly rose into a consolidation period; the second is the European Central Bank's quantitative easing policy of promoting cross-border capital flows into emerging markets.
"now, these two factors are still on the mend, therefore, expects domestic cross-border capital flows situation improving trend to continue, the deficit is expected to narrow further, or even surpluses. "China Merchants Securities Institute reported.
in addition to external factors, internal changes also occur. As the Renminbi exchange rate stopped falling and rebound, rate expectations improved. Configuration flagging enthusiasm in foreign exchange assets on enterprises and individuals, foreign currency deposits declined $ 17.3 billion for the month and financial direction of acceleration of foreign exchange liabilities also changed, foreign exchange loans increased $ 5.2 billion. Cross-border Yuan from March 93 billion yuan of net inflow to net outflow of 69.6 billion yuan.

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