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Ping an Bank took the lead in the unsecured loan market rate cuts

The evening of August 25, the Central Bank announced the 26th launch of a new round of interest rate cuts, cut benchmark lending rates 0.25%. To the author by press time, unsecured loan markets remain lukewarm, most banks to keep interest rates unchanged, only peace Bank prices showing signs of loosening.
on August 26, the ping an Bank decision-oriented directed customers to cut lending rates, and quality professionals still maintain the 16.8% interest rate unchanged. Adjusted to apply for a new loan of the self-employed and wage-earner, is entitled to 18.36% the latest standards, compared to both 21% and 19.2%, respectively, down 2.64 and 1.8%, benefits should not be underestimated. To loan 500,000, 5-year estimates, whether self-employed or wage earners can get big benefits, savings interest 44,000 yuan and 14,000 respectively.
for ping an Bank's generosity, I think that happens for a reason. Interest rate liberalization had already let go of the moment, compared with bank rate prices run at 7.2%-21%, ping an Bank pricing obviously at a high level, so this round to follow the central bank interest rate adjustment is inevitable. Despite adjustments, price competition is not their strength, but help mortgage slave, slave, policyholders and other special groups solve the funding problem is its biggest advantage, to some extent, this is the dislocation competition in the presence of price differences is also high risk corresponds to higher profits after the results.
as Bank of Ningbo cash instalments, while 7.2% of the annual interest rate in the price competition to take the high ground, but the audience had to climb three mountains, through approval: I move premises or local household registration; after-tax income of more than 7000 Yuan; for civil servants, teachers, the world's top 500 high quality employees. Visible behind the low price is one of the few high-end customers in service-oriented population.
, Bank loan borrowers to shop around, combined with their own matching products to make it affordable and efficient. As to whether the subsequent Bank will fully liberalize prices, follow the trend of interest rates, the author has little hope. Look for the reason, unsecured loans are different from mortgage loans, since there is no mortgage in hand, so the interest rate pricing is based high risk-oriented, is hardly linked to the Central Bank's benchmark interest rate. However, changes in the market interest rate is the price of the Terminal, the author will continue to provide your tracking reports. BACK

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