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Post Office small unsecured loans

In general user's loan period 1-12 months, monthly unit production and management, you can cycle, ability to independently choose a loan term of repayment. Farmers ' loan up to 50,000 yuan, merchant loans up to 100,000 yuan (lines high in some areas, please consult your local postal savings bank branch). Loan interest rate is subject to local postal savings bank. Method of repayment is divided into equal repayments: loan period with equal amount of repayment of the loan principal and interest each month; gradual method of equal repayments: loan grace period repayment interest only over after the grace period in accordance with the method of equal repayments repayment of the loan; and a one-off repayment method: expiration one-off repayment of the loan principal and interest. Small unsecured loans do not require collateral, but the need to guarantee, you can opt for the natural form of guarantee or warranty guarantee loan 1-2 with compensatory ability of natural persons are required to provide a guarantee; farmers UNPROFOR will need to 3-5 farmers, merchants group UNPROFOR HSP together loans require 3 business. Procedures apply for contract review and approval → → → → field survey lenders. Required application materials are as follows:
1, micro-credit application form
    2, original and copy of your valid ID card;
    3, your local resident Hukou or operating live for less than a year of supporting documents;
    4, other materials required to process loans;
     Apply for a business micro-loans, will also need to provide:
     1, qualified business license original and copy (do not need to get a business license is not specified by the Department of industry and Commerce); franchise, also should provide the original and copy of business license of the relevant administrative departments;
    2, site title or lease contract (Agreement), If you are unable to provide, through third-party undertakings property rights and rental and in rural areas, no proof of ownership is not provided. BACK

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