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Through the approval of unsecured loans has 3 big hard power

As demand from the tide of ideas, unsecured loans became highly sought after sweet pastry. Before you know it, how the loan approval, became the common thinking of the borrower. Next, you may wish to look through approval to turn off, you need to have three hard power.
1. good quality
in unsecured loans to individuals of the world, personal examination of qualification has been a top priority. Qualifications through multi-dimensional considerations of financial institutions, including credit, income, job security, and so on.
(1) pay attention to integrity
measure of credit quality is "three tired six" principles. If at the bottom of the credit, if the circumstances are serious, two years overdue late today over three or six consecutive times, can only go left: Out, out! If your credit record a few blemishes, or perfect, you can turn right, toward the next approval link.
their work, has a steady job is a stepping stone into loans. Their units have worked for three months, provisions are commonplace in the industry, there is more rules is made over six months.
(3) decent income
in addition, many institutions have established income threshold of varying height. In General, the most stringent required above the 4000 Yuan, and private lending institution as a complement to services, along with low threshold, most require two thousand or three thousand Yuan, and there is, is a low profile, reduced to around 1000.
2. application materials are complete and true
meet the qualifications at the same time, submit application materials to be an insurmountable one. Identity cards, job certificates, proof of income, proof of residence required collective debut. Not only the materials were readily available, authenticity is not discounted, or receive a "red card" is sent off to be nail things on the Board.
3. pre-loan investigation done
If you go very smoothly in both directions, then, simply and pre-loan investigation on which family and friends cope with war, we can recruit successfully and get "credit Passport". Pre-loan investigation foreplay often fill in the loan application started, during which applicants need to fill out family, work, and friends by phone, paving the way for telephone surveys.
pre-loan investigation process, the problem will be scanned and all corners of life. When you communicate with the units, credit analyst will verify your position, entry time, salary, and so on; when communicating with family and friends, the question involves your date of birth, residence address, health status, personal interests, and so on. In order to ensure that you have filled in the information is true and correct, and judge the final letter will phone you to verify, repeating unit address, date of birth, Zodiac attributes, issues such as social security numbers, we still need to have enough patience and determination to win.

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