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Unsecured loan unsecured loans is what

Unsecured loans, also known as unsecured loans or lines of credit. Does not require any collateral, only proof of identity, proof of income, proof of address and other materials, apply to banks for loans, banks is based on personal credit loans, interest rates slightly higher than the mortgage, customers can choose according to the specific circumstances of individual loan term and sign contracts with banks, guaranteed.
each bank having unsecured unsecured loans, as well as many P2P companies have this service, just in different ways, information need not, interest is not the same. General Bank personal credit loans are provided by your qualifications meet the requirements of personal loans is that you can apply for the loan.
1. lending objects
personal credit of commercial bank loan borrowers generally have strict rules. Application personal credit loan, first need has following basic conditions:
① in China territory has fixed residence, has local town resident account, has completely civil capacity of China citizens;
II has due and has stable economic income of good career, has regular reimbursement loan principal and interest of capacity; law-abiding, no violations and the bad credit records;
③ in Loan Bank open State has personal settlement account (agreed borrowing Bank from its specified of personal settlement account buckle received loan principal and interest) ;
④ other conditions stipulated in each row separately.
personal loan interest rate credit interest rates with the level in the same period in accordance with the rules of the lending interest rate, floating range in accordance with the relevant regulations of the people's Bank of China. Before the the pay at a rate of interest agreed in the original contract. The interest after the exhibition closes, cumulative loan term of less than 6 months, from the date of extension, by the date listed for 6 months loans carry interest at a rate of over 6 months, from the date of renewal, as listing 1-year lending rate of interest on the day.
General, the term personal credit loans the loan period is 1 year (1 year). maximum of 3 years. Banks usually every year to conduct a personal credit rating, determined according to the credit rating of personal credit loans extended. 4. the repayment
personal credit loan period of 1 year (1 year) within the monthly payment, monthly, quarterly or a debt-repayment; loans for more than 1 year, monthly debt repayment. 5.
Bank credit lines based on the borrower's credit grade, specific access conditions determine the loan amount and according to the licensing authority and the different lines, reported to higher authorities for approval. For the specific amount of provisions, varies for each line. Loans are based on your actual loan to determine the purpose of your loan! You can submit an online loan application within 2 to 3 working days (excluding weekends and holidays), you can view the progress of your loan. BACK

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