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Open Xin credits

Open Xin credits

"product description"

relying on "open Xin credit" Internet lending platform release customer funds needs, will lend and borrow one of matching funding, and guaranteed by the rongxin century innovative credit business.

"products features"

 1, and through country open line financial brand and technology of injected, and Jiangsu provincial government financial do "open Xin loan" platform of Qian reset approval, has than other platform more strong of public letter force;

 2, and active encourages and guide civil surplus funds flows small and medium technology enterprise, promote traditional industry transformation upgrade;

 3, and this products used "line Shang" and "line Xia" Combination mode of operation. "Online" refers to poly credits through "open Xin loan" platform to raise money; "below the line" refers to the poly before the loan is responsible for credit investigation, credit checks, loan guarantees and other services.

"application object"

1, reputable registered in Suzhou high-tech SMEs;

2, corporate management has the necessary management capacity and good credit status, without addictions and criminal records;

3 and there is no excessive debts, borrowing and matches the production and operation of enterprises.


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