Product classification
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Product classification

Personnel credits

Personnel credits

"product description"

issued to qualified science and technology talents for its operational entities of technology research and development, production and operation and can be recycled within the credit period of personal loans.

"product features"

1, products and services for qualified technology talent;

2, guarantee diversification.

"applies object"

1, and has local permanent account or local effective live identity;

2, and included national "thousand people plans" list of personal;

3, and included "province double create talent plans", and Jiangsu Province "technology entrepreneurs", provincial project list of personal;

4, and included Suzhou city above talent project plans list and included provincial above Technology Park, and incubator, talent plans of personal;

5, and Included in the Suzhou area "leading talent programme" individual

borrowers talent project plans by the operational entity shall assess regional register within the cover. For borrowers in many operational entities, and shall not be repeated for "talent loan" business.


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